About G2 Crowd

Real user reviews. Better software selections.

After spending years in the enterprise software industry, we saw glaring problems in how business technology was bought and sold. There was nowhere to turn for real, unbiased feedback or for advice from people who had actually implemented and used the software and related services. So we started G2 Crowd to be a trusted source of enterprise software reviews from real users. We launched our beta in February 2013 and have collected more than 10,000 reviews of products across more than 200 categories.

Transparent, unbiased software recommendations from your peers

  • Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 4.23.59 PMAny user of business software is welcome to share their experiences with the products they use in a review on G2 Crowd.
  • We verify that reviewers are real business professionals, and no one can review their own product or that of a competitor, eliminating bias.

  • 2014-Winter-CRM-grid-HD-updated-FINAL-FINAL-05bOur software recommendation engine, the Grid, ranks products based on customer satisfaction scores reported in the user reviews as well as publicly available data on vendors. No outside opinions or influence is added to the rankings.

See what our users have to say about our site, and check out an in-depth guide to G2 Crowd written by James C. Smith of TMMPDX.com.

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